Saturday, 3 September 2016

Kitchen Inspiration

We (as in me and my boyf) are due to sign on our first home next week which means my mind is going into overdrive looking at home interiors. The house we're signing for is a bit of a fixer-upper which means we get to put our own stamp on everything. The one room in the house I cannot stop thinking about is our kitchen. At the moment it's a bit of a wreck, however we're planning on pulling down some walls here and there to create a spacious kitchen-come-diner-come-family-room. 
I'm trying not to get too carried away with ideas as our budget is limited however I have fallen in love with dark blue shaker kitchens with marble tops *swoon*. There is just something so different yet practical about them - I did have my heart set on white units and white tops but its not the best colour to have in a kitchen when you're prone to being a messy cooker. As we're planning on opening the kitchen up I also think the dark units will help make the room feel warmer and more homely. The only thing I haven't decided is hardware colours - I love copper handles (anything copper really) but I think brushed silver may be a more solid choice.

I just wish the whole process could hurry up so we can move in and get designing our home! Are any of you in the process of buying a new house? How is it going - if you've got any tips I'd appreciate it!


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