Sunday, 11 September 2016

Living Room Inspiration

Well...we've finally got a completion date - woohoo! We're due to get the keys this Friday (yes, as in less than a week). My mind is going into overdrive for living room ideas as it's the one room apart from our bedroom that we will be able to decorate pretty much straight away- aside from knocking out a hideous fireplace *shudders*.

For our sofa we're going for the Ashford from Next in the fabric shown above (soft plain in mid French grey btw) and the snuggle seat in a dark stripe fabric. Initially the other half was dead set on having matching sofas and actually tried to convince me to get two striped sofas - erm nope - before I finally brought him round to the grey and stripe combo. 

Our new home has floorboards which we're going to sand down and stain, however with floorboards comes a chilly house. In a bid to combat this I'm thinking soft rugs, lots of blankets and of course fluffy socks! I'm also loving this soft grey / dusky pink and gold colour combination - it feels warming without being too dark which is perfect for our new living room as its not massive. 

I am also on the hunt for a cast iron fireplace and surround - although it's proving hard to find one around the Newcastle area, if anyone has any tips I'd really appreciate them! Hopefully next time I write a post we will have the keys to our new home and we'll be starting some DIY renovations. *fingers crossed*


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